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Pb-Sn-Ca alloy rolled anode for copper EW workshop



Rolled Pb-Sn1.5%-Ca0.08% alloy

Hanger bar:

ETP Copper with Pb-Sb6% coating


Pb alloy rolled plate

With uniform crystal structure, it is better for anti-corrosion and mechanical performance stability.

Hanger bar

It is certain mm thick, Pb cladding around Sn electro-plating on copper bar, and has better corrosion resistance to acid mist during electro-winning process.


Pb alloy rolled anode plate is widely used in zinc, copper, Nickel, cobalt and manganese EW industry for its high strength, high conductivity, high corrosion resistance, long service life, low production cost and good machining property. Pb-Sn-Ca alloy rolled anode plate is the best choice for copper EW workshop.



  1. High mechanical strength against distortion and creep (form stability);
  2. Low oxygen over potential for oxygen evolution;
  3. Quick and stable formation of hard, compact and adherent protective corrosion layer (conditioning);
  4. High corrosion resistance, higher resistance to initial conditioning, long service life;
  5. Minimized production cost, reduction in cell voltage, increase in current efficiency;
  6. Production of high-quality lead-free metal cathode product;
  7. No anode or cell cleaning required;
  8. After assembly, flat smoothing blank surface, vertical to horizontal level, blank flatness error ≤ 0.2 mm;
  9. Fast & on time delivery;
  10. Professional package for export and professional solutions for sea transportation;
  11. Customized services are available.

1000tpa Copper Electro-winning Plant

Project location: Zambia

Purchasing time: 2011.09

Equipment: Lead alloy anode, stainless steel cathode, electrolytic cells, circulate pumps, demisting balls, etc.

Input: CuSO4 solution

Output: 99.99% Copper cathode

Brief Introduction
Congo project

Project location: Congo

Purchasing time: from 2008 until now

Application: 20,000 tons per year copper electro-winning workshop

Quantity of procurement: 4,700 pcs

Brief Introduction
Zambia project

Project location: Zambia

Purchasing time: from 2011 until now

Application: 30,000 tons per year copper electro-winning workshop

Quantity of procurement: 7,900 pcs

Brief Introduction
Russia project

Project location: Russia

Purchasing time: from 2014 until now

Application: 160,000 tons per year copper electrorefining workshop

Quantity of procurement: 1,280 pcs

Brief Introduction
Burma project

Project location: Burma

Purchasing time: from 2014 until now

Application: 100,000 tons per year copper electrowinning workshop

Quantity of procurement: 34,000 pcs

Brief Introduction

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